“The mind must conceive before the Creative Energy can produce… It is ready and willing. It is It’s nature to spring into being through our thought and action.”

~ The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes


“One day at a time.”

~AA creed



Watching the Grass Grow


We moved into our home about 2 ½ years ago. A potentially cozy and very lived-in dwelling in a––shall we say––“mature” neighborhood.


As I gazed into the backyard, my mind’s eye saw a beautiful, lush, and fragrant oasis, with flowers infusing vibrant splashes of color among the trees and shrubs. A perfect blend of cool shade and bright sun, invitingly serene and full of life.


My human eyeballs told a different story. There were more dirt spots that grass, and the sparse grass that existed was dried out and hay-like. The fence was rickety, and the back porch had holes.


Thanks to my New Thought training and learning that there is a difference between the facts and the Truth, I stuck with my vision, knowing the true nature of this home was beauty and calm. I claimed it. Nothing more than a lot of love, some elbow grease, and yeah, a good amount of money were needed to turn this yard into what I was envisioning, instead of what was being out-pictured.


Thanks to my sobriety and Higher Power connectedness, I keep learning and getting the chance to practice this in all my affairs. But back in my “out there” days, I didn’t know that things would evolve, nor that I could and would be instrumental in the outcome. The current sparse hay-like moment was all I could see. And what I did foresee seemed even more terrifying and bleak. If I only knew…


So the yard renovation project began last September. Contractors and laborers, equipment, dumpsters, and piles of outgoing stuff. So much tearing out, schlepping, and hauling.
At first it was exciting. Dog-walking neighbors would pause to cheerfully chat, eagerly inquiring about what was to come.


As the weeks turned into months, the activity slowed. The contractors were done, it was all on us now. Life took its inevitable twists and turns, stuff happened, and things stopped completely for a while. The neighbors ceased their neighborly chats – they hurried by and didn’t even make eye contact. I wasn’t sure if they felt sorry for us, or were annoyed that we had created what resembled a war zone in the ‘hood.


Part denial, part visionary on my part, I practiced going with the flow, trusting the process. In the past I would have been overly concerned with others’ opinions and judgements, and gotten stuck in frustration, the impatience.


But these days I am “1-day-at-a-timing it.” I latched on to a phrase: This is what it looks like when things are falling into place. Keep the mind’s eye on the desired outcome – it’ll come.


So we chipped away at the yard. We persevered through setbacks and delays. Although to the casual observer the big picture seemed stalled, we saw subtly shifting nuances of progress. We celebrated every one.


It has been 11 months since we began, then seemingly overnight something magical had happened. The changes were evident and pretty for all to see. The neighbors are back! I look at photos and marvel at the shift from those first days until now. Now, the fact is we are still a far cry from “Better Homes and Gardens” but the Truth is my vision doesn’t require quite so much imagination. I am free to imagine into what is next.


Fact and truth, the days would have passed from then until now anyway, whether we’d started this project or just talked about it. There was progress even in those weeks that felt idle. It’s just not always obvious that changes are unfolding. Just do the thing, a little or a lot at a time. It’s working.


I think back over my life – the chaos and war zone years. The years when it felt like nothing was happening. Now I see that everything was happening – life was happening. One step at a time, one day at a time.


Last week we planted grass seed. Today I see some teeny green sprouts.


It’s a work in progress just like you and me. Sometimes back-breaking, and sometime it’s just watching and trusting the grass to grow.


Name something in your life, past or present, which seemed like it was taking forever but was actually unfolding perfectly.

Can you recall a time when you noticed you were no longer concerned with “what others might think?”

Think of a current experience that has a deeper, more wonderful Truth within it than the current facts would indicate.



In gratitude, harmony, and support,


Watching the Grass Grow

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  • August 10, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    Really beautiful, Lena. A work I progress!


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