Think Right Into Limitless Sobriety

Instead of a regular blog post today, I humbly invite you to partake in what feels like a Mega-Blog-Post!

Today, my first eBook, Think Right Into Limitless Sobriety (Volume I), is available in the Kindle Store on Amazon. And it’s free – but only for the next 4 days!

If you don’t have a Kindle Reader, you can get the Kindle app for free –– so easy to download on your phone if you don’t have the device, like me, YET.

This short but idea-rich eBook is really a compilation of many blog-post-worthy ideas organized into a concise, three-chapter volume. It takes a look at the first 3 Steps in the 12 Step program, and the Spiritual Principles and New Thought philosophies with which they align.

If you are not in a 12-Step program but know someone who is, or sense that you or someone you know may be dependent upon something in a non-healthy way, Think Right Into Limitless Sobriety may provide some insights.


If this sounds familiar to you, you may recall this book was available here on the website via a link about a year ago – BUT since it’s now available on Kindle, it’s so much easier to have with you for a quick review.

Or maybe you are seeing this for the first time. In any case, I would be honored if you download it, and even more honored if you would give it a review on the Amazon page.

In a short while, Volume II will be ready, a view of Steps 4, 5, and 6 through the lens of New Thought.

As is true of all of us, this is a work in progress. Life is always offering more, sobriety is always uncovering more, and spiritual awareness is always revealing more. And even more will be revealed.

I am so grateful for this New Thought Sobriety community that continues to grow. To everyone who comments on the site or to me personally, who reads the blogs, who writes guest blog posts for us, and to those on Facebook who share with friends––thank you so, so much.

Lots more to come – keep coming back!


In gratitude, harmony and support,


Think Right Into Limitless Sobriety

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