Conscious contact with our Higher Power, no matter how we define It, is central to our spirituality and sobriety. Prayer and meditation––often defined as talking to God and listening to God, respectively––are the “way” of conscious contact.

This week, we are posting an article about meditation curated from Be Naturally Fit. The author, a fitness professional, shares her one-year journey from binge drinking to not drinking––and reclaiming her personal power. You may read the original post here.


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Reflections on My Year of Meditation


by Rebecca


I wanted to share a big milestone with you all in what has been the best thing I decided to do for myself one year ago-MEDITATION.


Last year a series of hardships left me in a heightened state of anxiety and I experienced many dark days and nights. I lost control of my thoughts, my emotions and my health. Everything was spiraling down, down, down, and I was binge drinking and crying myself to sleep.


One night in the midst of a particular trying evening, I could see my daughter talking to me but I couldn’t hear her words: not because I was drunk, but because my head was ringing and I felt severe panic in my chest. I retreated to my bedroom and in a moment of clarity, I remembered the good healing energy I had felt when I had a meditation practice during my yoga teacher training. So I sat down and tried to just be with myself.


I spent the next ten minutes of my “meditation” bawling my eyes out, but I feel better afterwards. That’s when I made a commitment to myself that I would carve out time EVERY SINGLE DAY to meditate.


And here I am, one year later and I am proud to say that I have sat in mediation every day for the entire year!


Many things have changed because of this new practice. I have stopped drinking, I have gained a deeper level of compassion, I have more passion and drive, and I am a better mom, wife and friend. I have also begun meditation teacher training so I can help others learn this powerful practice.


Meditation has many positive effects on your brain. Thanks to neuroplasticity, we can rewire our brains so that our anxiety subsides, our memory improves and we react less to the stresses of life.


Meditation will not heal everything, but it will help you take a step back from your pain and view it more objectively. It creates space between you and your thoughts in which you can breathe and think clearly. It opens up the communication between your gut, your heart and your head so you can be guided by your intuition instead of your ego. Meditation is more than just a self-care practice.


Meditation has awoken my divine potential and has liberated me from the limitations of my thoughts and emotions. It has shed light on the dark corners of my soul and amplified my own light. I can now recognize an opportunity or a failure as a lesson to strengthen my personal power.






The Power of Meditation

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