Our guest post this week, curated from the blog at Refuge Recovery, discusses self-care as one of the best ways to honor ourselves in recovery. You may read the original article here.


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Honor Yourself


Honoring oneself is extremely personal and will be unique to each individual’s personality. One of the best ways to honor yourself is to practice self-care. People often spend an incredible amount of time thinking about others and how they can be of service or help someone else, when really what a person needs, is to start with him or herself. A simple way to begin honoring yourself would be to think of a small thing that makes you feel happy and do it. If you are having a hard time thinking of something below are four suggestions to help you get in the habit of honoring yourself.


Get Enough Sleep

One of nature’s best medicines is sleep. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and downtime to be able to feel refreshed for the next day. People joke of beauty sleep, but in reality, getting the proper amount of sleep can help an individual function psychologically, physically, and emotionally at his or her best.


Eat Healthily

There is an incredible amount of focus placed on body image and the “right way” to look in today’s society. What it really comes down to is making sure you are giving your body the proper fuel it needs to function at its highest potential. Do your best to eat balanced meals and stay hydrated. Giving yourself the proper nourishment is a simple way to show yourself love.


Take A Break

If things feel like they are starting to spin out of control, or that you are moving a mile a minute, take a break. There is no harm in giving yourself a little bit of time every day to just check in with yourself. This will help to make sure you do not get overwhelmed to the point of making a bad decision.


Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself can be something that you do at a spa or something that you do at home. Honor yourself by getting that spa treatment that you have been thinking about for so long can feel fantastic. Or indulging in a luxurious, relaxing bath at home can be equally rejuvenating. Whichever method resonates best with you, set a certain amount of time aside for yourself to be pampered.



People who carve out time in their day to honor themselves will experience many benefits. Some individuals will feel a lowered level of anxiety. Honoring oneself can help to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. It can help you be a better friend, in that it will increase your level of compassion and empathy. It can even help raise your immune system, because there is a direct correlation between one’s stress levels and one’s immune system. Individuals who are able to actively lower stress levels can experience a boost in one’s immune system. If you honor yourself, and love yourself first, all of these fantastic benefits can follow.


There is no way to be completely unaffected or for substance abuse or addiction to have no part in informing who you are. Substance abuse and addiction are life altering. Part of the recovery process from substance abuse and addiction is acceptance. It is imperative to accept all of yourself: the good, the bad, the great, and the awful. It is essential to keep in mind that you are incredible. Every choice that has lead you to where you are has helped sculpt the unique person you are, and that is worth honoring. Whichever way feels right to you, do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of being kind and honoring yourself and all of your failures and triumphs, as without them you would not be who you are today. There is a plethora of ways you can honor yourself, go ahead and give it a try.


Self-Care in Recovery

2 thoughts on “Self-Care in Recovery

  • May 4, 2018 at 6:53 am

    Each of these four suggestions seems (almost too) simple on its own. But all four, taken together and acted upon, are very powerful, indeed!

  • May 6, 2018 at 12:13 am

    I love the way the benefits of self-care are presented in this article… It reads like The Promises. I sometimes try to trick myself into figuring out what I can do to nurture myself by imagining what I would tell a friend who is feeling the same way I’m feeling… It usually includes a lot more nurturing than I’m giving myself… sleep has been the biggest challenge lately but good restful sleep is so wonderful…


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