“Trust the process. The power is in the process, not in the results.”

~Mary Morrissey


“Addiction is a pattern built into the mind-body system. To move beyond addiction one must re-pattern the mind and body.”

~Tommy Rosen


Recovery Consciousness


Hooray – made it through the first week of this new year. I’m always happy when the holidays come, and even happier when they go and things go back to “normal.” Even though a part of me rebels against structure, I rely upon it sometimes to help me know what to do. And the joy of a fresh, uncluttered, wide-open calendar feels so freeing to me… My intention is to stay vigilant and add to it only those things I choose. (Wouldn’t that be nice?! Is it even possible?)

My teacher says that if you want an honest peek at what you really & truly value, look in two places: your calendar and your checkbook. Where we put our time and money is very telling.

So here’s what I really & truly value – in fact, my two favorite things, as validated by my calendar and checkbook! Recovery and Consciousness …

What is recovery? For me, it’s a lifestyle, a mindset, a journey of discovery, a blueprint and framework for growth, joy, aliveness. It’s the lens through which I view my life. It’s an open door to a future.

What is consciousness? It’s an open door into the present. It is awareness, mindfulness, awake and aliveness, right here, right now.
That’s not Funk and Wagnalls talking. Those are simply my interpretations. I would love to hear yours!

So I am putting Recovery Consciousness™ on my calendar. This is my new spiraled-up, expanded, next step concept for New Thought Sobriety.

Recovery Consciousness represents more than the New Thought teachings that I embrace, cherish, study, and strive to embody. And it’s more than Sobriety, which I also cherish, embrace, and strive to embody.

Recovery Consciousness is honoring sobriety by allowing it to be a springboard into a full spectrum, abundantly expressed, enjoyably lived life. It’s the mindful awareness and realization, in a moment to moment connection, that we can continue to uncover, discover, and recover that which is ours, but has likely been numbed out and presumed lost. Lost from ourselves, though never lost from the Infinite Higher Power Intelligence that surrounds and indwells us. And supports us. It’s the next chapter of the story after “what it’s like now.”

Getting sober is the best thing I’ve ever done. And for what better purpose than to continue to learn who I am, and what it means to me to live my life to the fullest – and then actually doing something about it.

Please check out the Recovery Consciousness Facebook page in its tiny baby form at this point. And please feel free to find and “like” it. There we will post info on upcoming (and ongoing) group calls, curriculum, and events.

So this is my intention and now I’ve said it “out loud” so it’s on! Thank you all for being a part of this growing community and for joining me in this next phase of our beingness!

Is there something that is seeking to emerge in your life this year?
Now that you are awake, alive, and alert in a sober way, what is calling to you next?
How can you use your tools, your strength, your overall awesomeness to peel another layer of the onion and be amazed at what is there? (What has been there all along, but now is ready to be seen?)



In gratitude, harmony, and support,



Recovery Consciousness

One thought on “Recovery Consciousness

  • January 11, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    Great concept. I don’t use a checkbook but I do use my calendar. It reminds me that I spend a lot of time focusing on and helping others. Probably need to schedule some Jon time too😊


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