“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”  ~Napoleon Hill

“No personal calamity is so crushing that something true and great can’t be made of it.” ~Bill Wilson



Is this what they mean by New Thought?

Is it really as simple as literally thinking in a new way? Or more amazingly, re-thinking or re-defining an experience or opinion that holds me back or down?
I’m understanding more deeply that my entire reality is based on how my mind construes, decodes, and deciphers my experiences.

Particularly with my sobriety. 


I love to focus on the fun, happiness, and freedom I now have because alcohol is no longer required as part of the equation. Before, I could not fathom how I could have any fun without it; now I cannot fathom having any fun with it.

I know that what I focus on expands, so I focus on my freedom, exhilaration, and peace of mind. Focusing on my past deeds and disasters is helpful only so far as to re-think and release them.

As a wise young woman named Tara blogged stated (and which was reposted         Oct. 22 on New Thought Sobriety website): “Without our former selves, we’re not able to be the [people] we are today.”

The trick for me is to have a new thought about the way I look at and judge my old former self, no longer in shame, but in compassion. Without those past stepping stones, I could never have the depth of gratitude I have today.  And today’s experiences are stepping stones to tomorrow’s point of view and future evolution.

I like the garden analogy – tending to my mind and thoughts as one would to a garden – even though I do not have a green thumb and my backyard gardens look dead. Hey, that is a constrictive thought right there – that’s a false belief that has taken root. Good one, Lena, for noticing it in the moment… Re-thinking it to state: I enjoy when my plants live and grow.

My mental garden has yielded much healthier crops and bounty than anything in my yard so far. That helps me believe with full acceptance that it works; when I intentionally monitor what thought seeds I plant and mindfully yank out the self-sabotaging ones when I spot them, the experience I desire to cultivate bears fruit.
I do sense on some level that I am free to do anything and everything. It’s not that I can’t do something; it’s that I think or believe deep down inside that I can’t that makes it so.

Is this what they mean by peeling the onion? When something I already know suddenly feels more deeply known so I can bring it forward to apply it instead of just knowing about it in my head . . .

Hey! Maybe I’ll plant onions in my thriving and beautiful backyard garden to serve as a reminder!


Pick a story from your past (distant or recent) that you can re-think, re-frame, or re-work from a broader perspective so that it smooths out in your memory and doesn’t sting.

Can you identify a belief or opinion you currently have that could be discarded or modified in a more open-minded way?

What do you say to yourself when you notice you are mentally repeating something that no longer serves your self-image? Do you congratulate yourself for noticing, or beat yourself up for doing it?



In gratitude, harmony and support,


Re-Think That

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