I have often felt that Alcoholics Anonymous and Science of Mind offer two mostly parallel yet often intertwining pathways to live a more fully awake, alive and aware life. The 12 Steps and the Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment are codes to the hidden treasures of peace, clarity, simplicity and sobriety.

The overlapping and underlying wisdom from each of these extremely compatible spiritually based programs makes perfect sense to me, both separately and in conjunction with one another. Studying and applying the principles in tandem have connected the dots exponentially and geometrically for me. It is allowing me an ever deepening spiritual and sober life experience.

I casually mentioned to an acquaintance last summer at a week-long spiritual retreat and conference for the Science of Mind community that I would be heading over to the daily 12-Step Meeting.  I was pretty jazzed that the Convention Committee had thoughtfully (in my opinion) incorporated a meeting into the agenda each and every day.

This acquaintance (a “normie,” not an alcoholic) said he didn’t believe in AA or in
12 Step Programs because it was not in line with our SOM teaching.  He said that SOM is an affirmative teaching and why would I affirm I am an alcoholic, forever limiting myself to the joys of alcohol? He added that SOM is about healings and there is no
dis-ease unless it comes from my thought.  I was somewhat stunned. I had never heard or thought of that. I had never questioned it.

So I questioned it.

This internal Q & A has become a deep, rich and personal exploratory voyage into my beliefs, understandings and devotion to these two brilliant programs. The programs and my exploration of them continue to enrich my life in countless ways.

What works for me is IDENTIFYING as an alcoholic but resolutely AFFIRMING that I am sober and I am gratefully choosing sobriety every day, one day at a time, right here, right now. I Am sober. I Am Sobriety.

Thinking, talking and sharing about this with other like-minded thinkers / seekers / path-trudgers is deepening my clarity, comprehension and connection.

I find answers only as I apply the principles, in the actions not the words.  As I continue to ponder, explore and experience these important topics I am deeply interested to connect with others interested in doing the same.

I invite my fellows and my spiritual community to share our experience, strength, hope and our KNOWING that we are one in consciousness and support.

The questions I ask myself, I ask of you too:

• What do I believe about these two programs?
• Am I just restating other people beliefs or is this real for me? 
• Is there truly alignment and compatibility?
• Are there areas where they collide?
• How do I benefit by practicing both AA and SOM?

What do you think?

In gratitude, harmony and support,


New Thought Sobriety

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