“On awakening let us think about the twenty-four hours ahead. We consider our plans for the day.”  ~Bill Wilson

“There is no state of futurity in the Law of Life, therefore all statements should be an affirmation of the present.” ~Ernest Holmes


I don’t mean to suggest it’s ok to be a jerk, or to live irresponsibly. I mean it as a suggestion to live consciously, aka awake, aware, and alive.

Cause and effect is what Ernest Holmes talks about as the basis of New Thought philosophy – what I think, feel, and do today (cause) will link me to what I experience in the moments and years to come. (effect) Less focus on what I will experience in the mystery of the afterlife… more focus on the heaven and hell that I will create right here on earth, based on what I produce for myself by my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

“Life does not condemn; it does not punish. There is no condemnation and no judgment other than the logical reaction of our own acts,” says Ernest Holmes.
Comforting for me to know that it is progress, not perfection (thank you Bill W) and I am never going to be anything close to perfect at it, but just by being aware and conscious that I have this choice, I am leap years ahead of how I used to be.

My experiences will let me know if and when I am on track – when my life has many loving relationships, and others that are at least not pissing me off, (kind of like these days!) then I can know that I am thinking and living from a place of greater integrity than in the past.

In that past of mine, my life had some relationships that felt phony, resentful, and hurtful, which let me know that I had some work to do. I keep learning that I cannot change the other people, but I can change the way I am looking at things, interpreting things. Not to make the other person’s life easier or let them off the hook, but to make my life easier for me.

One of the main tenets of AA is “One Day at a Time.” Actually I am not able to find those exact words in the Big Book at the moment but the concept of the program is that we can commit to today and focus on this 24-hour gift.

So what if we were jerks in the past – most of us wouldn’t do those same things again, or behave in the same way today if we were in that same situation. I have got to let that go. My task is to not focus and wander off into the regrets of the past or the fears of the future. I am right here, right now, today, and as near as I can tell, none of those things are happening in this present moment.

All my past experiences and what felt like big boo-boos were the stepping stones that landed me here today – and today I am a sober and spiritual woman living more fully than ever, anticipating marvelous tomorrows.


How do you bring yourself back to the present when you wander into the past or the future?
What are some ways that you anchor to the right here, right now?
Have you learned to “re-write” your old stories to make them flow gracefully into your perception of them and how they enhance your present experience?

In gratitude, harmony and support,


Live for Today

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