“Sobriety is only a bare beginning; it is only the first gift of the first awakening. If more gifts are to be received our awakening has to go on. As it does go on, we find that bit by bit we can discard the old life – the one that did not work – for a new life that can and does work under any conditions whatever.”

~Bill Wilson

“Happy are we if we see these things which, from the foundation of the human race, have been longed for by all aspiring souls.”

~Ernest Holmes from the textbook of Science of Mind



Favorite Things – Raindrops on Roses, and AA and Science of Mind


Recovery and Awareness. These are just two of my favorite things. Another fave is when things are mirrored back to me from other treasured like-minded souls. The following is a slightly re-edited post from the past, recently brought to my attention by a comment by Gary S.


With ongoing thanks to my friend Peggy who softly articulated such a profoundly simple statement which rang so true for me that I want to bask in the simplicity and profoundness of it, and pass it on.


She said that AA and Science of Mind are two of her favorite things. Recovery and open-ended scientific awareness of who we really are, and that we can evolve ourselves to our desired specifications is another way to say it.


Such plain and simple truth that I can live by. These two paths go hand in hand and lead to a land of sanity, serenity, and spirituality.


I stumbled onto SOM before AA. Probably literally stumbled as I was drinking pretty heavily in those days. But I was “fine. (sure.)


This New Thought teaching was my entry into self-awareness from a higher place, not from the lowly self-conscious, self-centered, self-judgement-y place that was all I knew. It was the first time I heard in real words “you are whole perfect and complete.” I sensed I was indeed in the perfect place to hear what I was hearing, even though the meaning of what I was hearing was fuzzy.


For whatever divine reason, one little corner of my mind bought in. I am sure I celebrated with alcohol or pot to have found something to hold on to, but it was a start.


New Thought, specifically as presented at the Center for Spiritual Living (aka at the time, Church of Religious Science) was such great food for thought. I experienced what so many speak of, which is the jaw drop of immediately realizing that other people are talking about things I secretly think and know, but didn’t have words for. I found my tribe! Very similar to my feelings in my early 12-step meetings a decade later, recognizing that these people “get” me. Another tribe!


Funny that it’s called New Thought when it’s been around in the US since the 1800s and was influenced even then by ancient wisdom teachings from centuries ago. But it becomes literal here-and-now talk because it promises that if we think new thoughts today (or old thoughts in a new way) we will re-pattern and change our lives.


It took me another decade to figure out that the blocks I was clinging to for artificial support were actually numbing me, imprisoning me. Oh and I was the one imprisoning myself! The bondage of self – I had no clue.


Religious Science as a teaching came into form about the time that AA came into form as a program. There is speculation that Ernest Holmes (SOM) and Bill Wilson (AA) at least crossed paths, and possibly knew one another in some social way – but who knows? This is before paparazzi and Internet access to every move of celebrities – and I like to think that Bill W and Ernest H were becoming celebrities in their own worlds. They are both superhero celebs to me.


So AA and Science of Mind remain two of my very favorite things. I dive deeper into the principles of these two intertwining, compatible, and parallel programs. It is here I find my inspiration, strength, and hope. And plenty of it.


Do you utilize both programs to the same extent? Do you relate to one or the other more easily?
Did one pave the way for the other? Which came first for you?
Do you see any contrast between the two programs that you had to work out?




In gratitude, harmony, and support,



Favorite Things – Raindrops on Roses, and AA and Science of Mind

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