Facts vs. Truth


Between you and me, I often think those of us actively working a program of recovery are higher up the food chain than others who sleepwalk through life. I know we’re not supposed to compare ourselves to others but it just seems that maybe we’re closer toward the cutting edge of the evolutionary force. Who knew I would ever be thankful for the dark depths of addiction that make the light of sobriety so much brighter?!

And the realization that, yup, I am powerless over the facts of my addiction. But I am so powerful in the truth of who I really am. And that I am a spiritual being of light that has come to believe that when I consciously choose to feed my sobriety, spiritually, and serenity and not my alcoholism, I am absolutely a powerful human in recovery. My alcoholism is a fact. However, my truth is so much more. Facts and truth are different. Facts can change. Truth is eternal.

Spirituality through New Thought principles helped me begin to peel the onion for a decade before I got sober. But the realization of my deeper connection to my divinity was blocked by no one other than me by my ongoing (and increasing) use of alcohol and other substances during those years.

When I finally figured out the time had come to plug the jug once and for all, the luminosity of the spiritual light I had been dancing around for a decade came flooding in through that first crack of awareness, acknowledgement, and acceptance.

Game changed forever.

At various points in the past I was in that weak “why me” place? Why did I have to be the one that goes too far and makes the bigger fool of myself? Why did I have to be the one to hurl one more, and one louder, smartass comeback than the other? Why do I have to be the one that can’t remember what happened after that? Why can’t I get addicted to yoga or steamed vegetables?

Finally I got it that being addicted to anything would be the same … it’s the energy of the need for more… that’s the disease. Alcohol and drugs are but symptoms – what a strange yet empowering concept to grasp.

So kudos to those of us consciously active in recovery programs who get to be more aware, awake, and alive than those out there operating in reactive mode. And yes kudos to those who are not addicts but equally awake, aware, and alive spiritually. I see them on the same evolutionary forefront as Us. Makes life so much easier, but best of all – so much more enjoyable. Spectacular even.

I know several people who are sober by definition, but lack that deeper serenity that is available. It’s those sleepwalkers out there that I can aim to feel compassion for, and less comparison to.

I thought alcoholism was just something bad that happened to me. The truth is that it turned into the greatest wake-up call I could have imagined.



In gratitude, harmony, and support,


Facts vs. Truth

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