Today’s post includes a prayer and a meditation for alcoholics, excerpted from two of Ernest Holmes’ writings. The first is from Questions & Answers on the Science of Mind by Dr. Holmes and Alberta Smith. The second is the meditation that appears at the end of How to Help the Alcoholic to Help Himself by Dr. Holmes (we featured the body of this work last week – you can read it here).

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“The Drink Habit” from Questions & Answers on the Science of Mind and Meditation from How to Help the Alcoholic to Help Himself
by Ernest Holmes


The Drink Habit

QUESTION: How shall I treat (affirmatively pray for) one who is an alcoholic?

ANSWER: The spirit within this man is the answer. The spirit of man is the Spirit of God, and it cannot long for anything.


There is nothing in him that feels incomplete or inferior. His whole being is satisfied. He has both a conscious and subjective knowledge of reality. He feels equal to any and every situation, and knows that he does not have to take any stimulant of any nature whatsoever to give him satisfaction or to produce happiness.


He is conscious that he is happy in his own right, complete and perfect in his own being, divine and whole right now. There is no lure nor imagination, no enticement, no suggestion in the thought of alcohol or false stimulants. They are neither person, place nor thing, have no law of their own, are absolutely non-intelligent, and cannot assail this man’s imagination nor cross his mind.


There is no subjective and no objective habit of alcoholism. The spirit within this man is radiant. It does not remember ever having had any desire to drink. It cannot contemplate any such desire. It is forever removed from any such desire. This man is not poisoning his own thought and his own life; he is happy and complete in his own consciousness; he is now free, and will forever remain free.


Meditation for an Alcoholic

The Spirit within this person is wisdom, power, joy and peace. In this Spirit he is secure. He is safe because he is one with God. Therefore he has an enthusiastic joy in living, a quiet confidence and strength, because he knows that he lives, moves and has his being in Divine Life and Love.

He is not running away from anything. He is not seeking to avoid anything. He is not afraid of anything. He is one with all life, one with all people, one with all good. He is able to meet every situation in joy, in peace and with confidence. He feels no judgment, no sense of uncertainty, no feeling of shame, no sense of remorse. He senses that he is wanted, needed, loved and accepted by Life. He is part of it and he feels himself whole, strong and self-reliant in it.

There is a Power greater than he is, governing, guiding, sustaining him. He feels safe in the protecting presence of this Divine Power. He recognizes the same Spirit in all people, in all events and in every situation.


He moves with ease and calm confidence because he first has confidence in God, the power greater then he is, which is flowing through him. The Spirit in which he lives and the Life that flows through him, stimulate his every thought and act to joyful, happy and successful accomplishment.




Dr. Ernest Holmes on Alcoholism – Part 2 of 2

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