“Resolve to throw off the influences of any unfortunate environment and to build your own life to order.” ~Napoleon Hill

“Stand guard at the portals of your own mind.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was pointed out to me that a television will only broadcast the station to which it is tuned. Of course there are other things available but if my tuner is set on one thing, that is all I will see.

Not too long ago, I went through a short phase of fascination of watching “Hoarders.” It was quite interesting at first but pretty soon got dismal and disturbing.  Had I left that channel on every day, allowing my mind to continually absorb that depressing, discouraging, disempowering programming I would likely start to feel my energy drain and start to feel badly about myself even though I am not a hoarder.

It is Mary Morrissey, one of my most influential teachers, who uses this great TV analogy to help me understand that how I tune my thinking is directly linked to what scenes, images, and experiences are broadcasting on the screen of my life. And if I do not really like what I am seeing, I can change it by consciously adjusting my internal tuner and changing the thought channel.

For a lot of years my tuner was set on managing my feelings to maintain carefree experiences, which morphed into numbing my feelings through alcohol. I was focusing on people and experiences that enabled me to maintain that behavior which led to valuable experiences and quality people slipping away from my life.

Since then, my 12 step work and New Thought teachings, I’ve been shown how to tune up my thoughts to a higher level of thinking. These days my life’s broadcast is of a much higher quality as I continually practice holding my tuner on the positive outcome I want and not on the dramatic story lines of old.

Thankfully I now know that negative words and thoughts especially when coupled with heated emotions are a magnet for more of same. The law of attraction works whether it is used skillfully or not.

But what about others around me who insist on locking their channel to the abysmal?
I used to feel somehow that I had to be “polite” which to me meant letting them rant and generate negative energy and emotion endlessly. Now I feel more emboldened to interrupt, say excuse me let’s not fan the flame. (Well I don’t think I’ve actually ever said those exact words, but…) The point is I am happy, in fact thrilled, to support people in their sobriety, recovery, and personal growth but I am not willing to listen to loops of drama and story after story from the victim or the fury channel.

Stand guard at those portals. You wouldn’t just keep your doors open wide and let just anyone and anything wander in uninvited. In your dwelling or your consciousness, don’t allow entry to negativity. And don’t hoard.

• Are you able to “change the channel” when you notice you’re on bad drama mode?
• How do you handle it when others around you insist on retelling, reliving, and reveling in unproductive drama?

In gratitude, harmony and support,


Change the Channel, Change Your Life

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