“The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker.”  ~Bill Wilson


“We are not punished for our (mistakes) but by them.”  ~Ernest Holmes



Please take a look at this 5 minute video by Film Bilder. Do you know that little guy? Was that you? It sure was me.

This short, silent, screening is spot-on. It speaks volumes. When it screened at the Heart, Mind, and Sprit Recovery Conference recently in Breckenridge, Colorado, I knew I was in my element. 

My sobriety these days feels like the little guy in the beginning, soaring high and strong. Today I am high on real life, tuned-in, awake. Pleasant feelings and sensations do not fade away or elude me.  They are real; they come from within, not from something outside myself and certainly not from a drink or a drug.

I no longer spend much time trying to remember and pinpoint specifically when my downward shift started – that shift that ultimately brought me to my knees.

I couldn’t do it if I tried anyway; so subtle and sneaky it was that I didn’t see it til I was engulfed.  And even then I ignored it for quite a while longer.

Today I prefer to focus on the time I started shifting upward. That is an actual moment I can pinpoint, and though in that very moment I didn’t recognize the absolute power I was generating, it didn’t take long before it became clear I was consciously revitalizing myself.

My thoughts and feelings crystalized around knowing that from now on I choose to be “free and (to) harmoniously express life and happiness,” as Ernest Holmes says in his writing about habits in the Science of Mind textbook.

Can you feel compassion for the little bird?
What was he thinking in that final scene?
How do your highs today compare to the highs of the past?



In gratitude, harmony and support,


Birds of a Feather

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