2016-07-07 photo-1440332013745-3a1357afa90cToday’s article, re-posted from The Freedom of Sobriety, provides a fresh look at “Talk the Talk vs. Walk the Walk.” We love how author Timea Mareczki concludes that spirituality is simply being yourself naturally. You may read the original post here.

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Spiritual Bla-Bla-Bla
By Timea Mareczki


People talk so much spiritual stuff these days, but what does it all really mean?

Have you noticed that Humans talk so much, without actually knowing what they are talking about, -or explaining any of it? Or they over explaining everything, making us just feel more confused?

Particularly when it comes to Spirituality. We often use a lot of fancy and elaborate labels and definitions when explaining spirituality, but I can see that only puts people off!

I remember when I’ve got sober, and I heard people talking about “Spirituality” “Meditation” “Chakras” -and I thought to myself; “What the hell does that mean??” I felt too shy and stupid to ask, so I just tried to figure it out on my own… For a long time, I thought meditation was something very complex. And I thought I had to go and attend a special course to learn it, and that it was only for rich, upscale people… People would talk about this stuff in a very mysterious way! Like its a million dollars secret!

Today I know that the only reason people talk this way is that they don’t actually know the real thing. It’s funny, isn’t it? Nevertheless, unfortunately, it causes a lot of people to run around and walk away from the subject, because of these weirdoes…

I also remember the first time I tried to meditate. I just used the simplest method, which was focusing on my breathing. But the moment I started to watch my breathing, I started to choke! That wasn’t funny, so I put it on the “
shelf” for awhile.

Time to time I went back to it, but it took me 5 years into sobriety to achieve any decent meditation. 5 years! Thank God I’m not a quitter, because I would have missed out on a lot of beautiful moment and experiences I reached through so called “Spiritual practises”.

Now, it’s enough of the weird and fancy names! Spirituality and meditation are not weird or fancy “things” at all! It is natural, and it is simple. It is basically just BEING YOURSELF NATURALLY. That’s it! Nothing more and nothing less! It’s like;

We are breathing as we normally would, but we are actually aware of it in the moment…

Our heart beats as it normally would, but we are actually listening to it in the moment…

We are here all the time anyway, but we notice the present in the moment…

Some days we are thinking a lot, but we can actually watch  ”it” in the moment…

When we find the present moment, the heart beat, the mind, and the “one” how is watching them all,  -we find our true self, and we are finally at home…

And that’s it! No need to complicate or analyse it further…

I know it.


Because I tried and experimented with all the different techniques, method and practices, and I find that most of them were a misleading. Years and years of searching for the Truth, but it wasn’t wasted time. It led me to finds my true position, which is here and now timelessly.

I know that I am.

And that’s all I need to know.


Being Yourself Naturally

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