“Such healing includes the emancipation of the mind from every form of bondage through a new concept of [a Higher Power] which causes the heart to beat with joy and gladness.”   ~Ernest Holmes


“I had been overwhelmed. Alcohol was my master… Liquor ceased to be a luxury; it became a necessity.”      ~Bill Wilson


It was beyond great to be among the like-minded people who showed up recently at the Heart, Mind and Spirit Recovery conference in Breckenridge, CO; all of us with the intention of expanding our consciousness through spirituality and sobriety. So many unique stories uniting us with so many of the usual feelings, struggles, and victories.

That very weekend, gorgeous aspen trees were shifting to their golden blaze of color, up-leveling to a brilliant version of themselves, just as we were. A new season is coming, marked by breathtaking beauty. And so it is… 

I was so full of tranquility and strength at the airport for the return trip home, it really didn’t faze me at all that for some unknown reason, the security line doubled back and around, snaking past the rest rooms, beyond the ticket counter, into the baggage claim area. Jaws dropped, mouths wide open in disbelief as travelers zigzagged along, seeking the end of the line, not seeing it. Literally hundreds of people.

I had plenty of time to make my flight, so I shuffled along in formation, observing, monitoring my thoughts, practicing higher level thinking.

“At least I’m not hungover,” came to mind. Then taking it up a notch, affirming, “I am so grateful that I am not hungover.”   A flashback to how I would have felt on a Sunday morning had I been herded into a line of strangers, slowly but steadily inching along, feeling exhausted, cotton mouth, drained, headachy, needing to sit (ok, lie) down – yeeech, most unpleasant to put it mildly.

Being able to use New Thought awareness to gratefully affirm that, yup, I am a recovering alcoholic. That means I am clear-headed, serene, amused, accepting the situation, energized, grateful… No crabbing or complaining from me. I got to reflect on the wondrous nature of these things for the entire 55 minutes it took til it was my turn to remove my shoes, empty my pockets, and get scanned. 

I am a spiritual being having a recovering alcoholic experience. I have no problem affirming that. I am an alcoholic. That is a human condition with a spiritual solution, fix, and antidote.

Once I consciously knew this, I could deal with it. I could shift it. Not the condition itself necessarily; maybe I am “powerless” over that part of it, but it’s how I relate to the condition, and what choices I make around it that are extremely “powerful.”


In fact, with that awareness, I am free.

Paraphrasing the wise and wonderful Dr. Ras Smith, all those alcoholics sitting and drinking at the bars don’t courageously say, “I am an alcoholic.”  Those of us who proclaim it and speak it in consciousness can now use it to our advantage. We can choose to infuse a higher power into it so the condition no longer overpowers us.

My words have so much power but the feelings behind my words are where the true transformative powers lie. By consciously recognizing yeah I am an alcoholic, I can actively embrace sobriety.

That is the most powerful thing I have ever done.


  • Do you feel empowered or disempowered by identifying as an alcoholic / addict?
  • Do you speak more about your sobriety and joy than your addiction and your pain?

In gratitude, harmony and support,


A Spiritual Being Having a Recovering Alcoholic Experience

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