Everything works out perfectly. Or at least has some good in it.

Sometimes that goodly perfection is obvious immediately; other times it take a while. One of the gifts of recovery and spiritual growth is realizing it sooner, faster, and deeper.

A brand new Conscious Contact recovery group that I am facilitating at the CSL in Simi Valley, California, based on Step 11 afforded me a chance to see some of this inevitable good. And on the spot no less!

This week was the first scheduled gathering of like-minded people, seeking through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, the Universe, Spirit, “fill-in-the-blank” as we understand It, in order to express more intuitively more of the time.

A simple concept really. One relevant not only those addicted to a substance, but to all who notice old patterns, thoughts, or behaviors sometimes getting in their way, sucking up time and energy that could better be used elsewhere.  In other words, pretty much everyone. 

So, brimming with topical thoughts and questions to stimulate conversation and sharing, along with an agenda that allowed for different scenarios, at the appointed hour on the appointed day I was ready to roll.

Ten minutes into it I realized no one was coming.

The old me likely would have high-tailed it out of there and gone home, feeling slighted, disappointed, defensive, put out, not wanting to do it again… making it all about me me me.

But as an observer of myself, I was pleased to realize that I truly did not have attachments to the outcome. I know there is tremendous receptivity to this group, just evidently not that particular day and time. I resisted the impulse to pull out my calendar, checkbook, or other things in my giant bag to fill the time. I re-minded myself that this was an hour set aside for prayer and meditation, affirmations, mindfulness, and conscious contact. And that’s what I did. I meditated. I prayed and did spiritual mind treatments. I listened to beautiful music. I affirmed. I held the sacred space. I loved it!

So what did I learn? 

I get to determine if things are a success or not, and I deem this an absolute success. It was a great experience in self-expression, self-awareness, and self-appreciation. I see my personal growth trending in a healthy direction which would not have been possible without my active participation in my recovery so far. Giving and receiving are tied up in the same energy. I also learned that a high 5 with myself is like a clap in the air. It works great!

Not a bible person, I have heard the phrase “When 2 or more are gathered…,” and I kinda make up the gist of it after that. But the truth is, when one is gathered with conscious contact, it’s a party of one.

Anyone in the Simi Valley area Saturday April 23 at 10 am, please come. We are going to do it again, once again with an infinite number of possibilities as to how it will unfold.

Do you prefer prayer or meditation?
Can you do one w/out the other?
How do you maintain conscious contact when you are not in active prayer or meditation?


In gratitude, harmony and support,


A High 5 With Yourself is a Clap in the Air

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